Giethoorn, 1 The Cleanest Village in the World Without Roads

Giethoorn is a village in the Netherlands that lacks roads but features canals and bridges. This village has been recognized as the cleanest in the world by National Geographic. Explore the complete review of This village in this article.


Getting to Know Giethoorn, the Village Without Roads

Giethoorn is a village located in the Overijssel Province, Netherlands. Surrounded by canals, it boasts 176 bridges connecting its residents’ houses. Without any roads, motor vehicles are absent, and the villagers navigate using boats, bicycles, or by walking. Founded by a group of Mediterranean Sea fugitives in the 13th century, they discovered deer antlers in peat soil, which they dug to create canals. The name Giethoorn originates from “geytenhorn,” meaning goat horn. The village gained global recognition after appearing in Bert Haanstra’s 1958 film, Fanfare.


Giethoorn, the Cleanest Village in the World

Giethoorn earned the title of the cleanest village in the world from National Geographic in 2019. This is due to its carbon-neutral lifestyle, free from air, noise, or litter pollution. Well-maintained 18th-century thatched-roof farmhouses, clear canal water, and lush green scenery enhance the village’s beauty. It is also a popular tourist destination in the Netherlands, attracting approximately 150,000 visitors from various countries annually. Tourists can rent boats or canoes to explore the village’s canals, visit museums, art galleries, shops, and restaurants. One of the village’s attractions is the Museum De Oude Aarde, housing a collection of rare gemstones and fossils.

1. Navigating the Beautiful Canals of Giethoorn

Visiting Giethoorn is like stepping back in time, resembling a fairy-tale land where the primary mode of transportation is not cars or motorcycles but flat-bottomed boats called “punts.” Cruising through winding water canals offers an unforgettable experience. Feel the cool breeze caressing your face as you pass small, flower-adorned bridges. Inhale pollution-free fresh air, enjoy views of thatched-roof houses and picturesque gardens, and watch graceful white swans swim in crystal-clear water.


2. Captivating Natural Beauty

In addition to its enchanting canals, The village is blessed with extraordinary natural beauty. Situated in the Weerribben-Wieden National Park, a protected area known for its diverse flora and fauna. Explore dense forests and grassy fields around the village, or rent a canoe to explore surrounding lakes and marshes. In spring, colorful tulip carpets add to Giethoorn’s charm exponentially.


3. Pollution-Free Lifestyle

The village’s uniqueness lies not only in its natural beauty but also in its pollution-free lifestyle embraced by its residents. Without roads and motorized traffic, the air in Giethoorn feels fresh and pollution-free. The tranquility, broken only by the sound of rippling water and chirping birds, creates a peaceful and calming atmosphere. Locals are environmentally conscious, evident in well-maintained houses, neatly arranged gardens, and clear, trash-free water canals.


4. Exciting Activities in Giethoorn

Apart from punting, there are many exciting activities to enjoy in Giethoorn. Rent a bike to explore the village and surrounding countryside. Hike along forest trails and relish spectacular natural views. Visit the Museum De Alte Smid to learn about the village’s history and culture. Don’t miss trying local delicacies such as smoked herring, Dutch cheese, and delicious stroopwafels.


Tips for Traveling to Giethoorn

If you’re interested in visiting Giethoorn, here are some tips to follow:

1. Choose the right time to visit. Spring and summer are ideal for experiencing the village’s beauty, but be prepared for crowds and higher prices. If you prefer a quieter and more affordable atmosphere, visit in fall or winter. Check the weather and canal conditions before heading out.

2. Book tickets and accommodation well in advance. Giethoorn is a small and popular village, so tickets and accommodation fill up quickly. It’s advisable to book tickets and accommodation well in advance, especially during peak seasons. Reliable online sites can help you find tickets and accommodation.

3. Rent a boat or canoe to explore the village. The best way to enjoy Giethoorn’s charm is by renting a boat or canoe. You can rent them from one of the many rental places in the village. Boat and canoe rental prices vary based on type, size, and rental duration. You can also choose to rent a boat with or without a driver. If renting a boat without a driver, make sure to follow the rules and signs on the canal.

4. Visit interesting places in the village. In addition to enjoying canal views, you can also visit interesting places in the village. Some places to visit include the Museum De Oude Aarde, Galeri De Grachthof, Museum ‘t Olde Maat Uus, and Museum Histomobil. You can also taste local cuisine like poffertjes, stroopwafels, and cheese.


Q: How do I get to Giethoorn from Jakarta?

A: You can fly to Amsterdam, then take a train to Steenwijk, and finally, take a bus or taxi to Giethoorn. This journey takes approximately 15 hours.

Q: How long does it take to navigate Giethoorn?

A: The time needed to navigate This village depends on your speed and method of transportation. If using a boat, you can circle the village in about 2 hours.

Q: What is the cost of traveling to Giethoorn?

A: The cost of traveling to This village depends on various factors, such as flight tickets, accommodation, transportation, food, and activities. Roughly, you can budget around Rp 25 million per person for a week-long trip.

Q: What should I bring to Giethoorn?

A: Bring weather-appropriate clothing, comfortable shoes, a camera, an adapter, and cash. It’s also recommended to bring a jacket, umbrella, and personal medications.



Giethoorn is the cleanest village in the world without roads, featuring canals and bridges. The village offers beautiful scenery, rich culture, and enjoyable activities. If you plan to visit, prepare everything well, including tickets, accommodation, transportation, and itinerary. Respect the customs and rules of the village to enjoy a memorable holiday in Giethoorn.”


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