Burj Al Babas: 1 The Tragic Tale of a Luxurious Housing Project Now a Ghost Town

Burj Al Babas
Burj Al Babas: 1 The Tragic Tale of a Luxurious Housing Project Now a Ghost Town, Sumber: Viva.co.id


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Burj Al Babas is a luxury housing project built with a design resembling a Disney fairytale palace. However, the project failed and has now become a haunting ghost town. This development was undertaken by the Sarot Group, a Turkish property company. Explore the tragic story behind Burj Al Babas in this article.


What is Burj Al Babas?

Burj Al Babas is a residential area located in Mudurnu, a historic region in northwest Turkey. Developed by Sarot Property Group to attract investors and affluent buyers from the Gulf region. The story of Burj Al-Babas began with the ambition of Turkish entrepreneur Mehmet Emin Gaydas.

In 2013, he dreamt of establishing elite residences resembling Ottoman palaces, offering spectacular views and exclusive facilities. 732 villas were designed in castle-like structures, complete with private pools, saunas, spas, and golf courses. This grand dream transformed into a $440 million construction project.

However, big dreams often come with controversy. The Burj Al-Babas project faced criticism from the start. Environmental activists highlighted the impact of construction on the fragile Bolu hills. There were also allegations that the project was merely an illegal investment scheme, given its target buyers were mainly Russians, and the location was far from bustling areas. The construction of This project came to a halt in 2018 due to the economic crisis in Turkey. As a result, this housing development turned into a ghost town.


Why did Burj Al Babas become a ghost town?

Burj Al Babas became a ghost town due to financial difficulties arising from the 2018 recession in Turkey. The lira lost 38 percent of its value against the dollar, leading many buyers to cancel their orders. Additionally, the project faced controversy due to its buildings’ designs not aligning with Mudurnu’s distinctive Ottoman architectural style.

Mudurnu itself was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List in 2015 for its beauty and historical richness. Consequently, hundreds of castles built were abandoned and uninhabited, some already showing signs of decay and collapse.


What is the current status of Burj Al Babas?

Currently, Burj Al Babas stands as a creepy ghost town. Sarot Property Group has filed for bankruptcy and ceased further development. However, the company still hopes to settle its debts and complete some portions of the project. Sarot Property Group’s CEO, Mehmet Emin Yerdelen, mentioned that the company only needs to sell 100 more villas to pay off its debts and inaugurate parts of the project. Yet, as of now, there are no signs that This project will come back to life.

The fate of the twin of Burj Al Babas remains uncertain. There’s a possibility this complex will be resold, converted into a hotel or resort, or even demolished to restore Bolu’s natural beauty. However, to date, the destiny of the “ghost town” remains a mystery.

The story of Burj Al Babas leaves behind many lessons. It’s not just a tale of shattered dreams but also a reminder of the importance of harmony with nature and vigilance against dubious investment schemes. Burj Al Babas, the ghost town, stands tall as a reminder to pursue dreams wisely with feet firmly grounded.


Q: Is Burj Al Babas safe to visit?

A: Burj Al Babas is not recommended for visiting due to its poorly maintained and hazardous building conditions. Moreover, there are no public facilities or transportation available in the area. If you wish to visit Burj Al-Babas, you must obtain permission from authorities and exercise caution.


Q: What does “Burj Al Babas” mean?

A: The name “Burj Al Babas” is inspired by Burj Khalifa in Dubai. “Burj” means “tower” in Arabic, while “Babas” likely refers to the developer, Sarot Group.


Q: Are there other tourist spots around Burj Al Babas?

A: Yes, there are many other interesting and historically significant tourist spots around Burj Al-Babas. You can visit the Mudurnu village with its Ottoman-style buildings, mosques, museums, and traditional markets. You can also enjoy beautiful natural scenery, such as pine forests, hot springs, and lakes in the area.


Q: Are there other ghost towns in the world similar to Burj Al Babas?

A: Yes, there are several other ghost towns worldwide similar to Burj Al Babas, such as:

Ordos Kangbashi, a new city in Inner Mongolia, China, built to accommodate millions but inhabited by only a few thousand.

Ciudad Valdeluz, a satellite town in Spain, built to attract buyers with affordable prices but failed due to the 2008 economic crisis.

Tianducheng, a city in China, built imitating the architecture and layout of Paris, including the Eiffel Tower, but not well-received by locals.

Q: Is Burj Al Babas really haunted?

A: There is no scientific evidence supporting the existence of ghosts in Burj Al Babas. Rumors of sightings and mysterious sounds likely stem from the silent and abandoned nature of the complex.



Burj Al Babas is a luxury housing project designed like a Disney fairytale palace. However, the project failed and has become a haunting ghost town. This project faced financial difficulties due to the Turkish recession and controversy in society. Currently, Burj Al Babas stands as an uninhabited and neglected ghost town. It serves as an example of a dream turning into a nightmare.

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